Zovy Enterprise Introduces SaaS Offering at FedRAMP Ready Data Center

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Today Zovy LLC, a leader in data compliance, announces that Zovy Enterprise is available at FedRAMP ready data center locations due to an exclusive partnership with ByteGrid. Now, both U.S. government agencies and commercial clients looking for a FedRAMP ready data compliance solution can significantly minimize cost of overhead for hardware and software ownership through Zovy Enterprise, a fully managed data compliance and eDiscovery offering.

“Our public-sector clients, such as The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, already recognize the security that Zovy Enterprise provides and through our partnership with ByteGrid we look forward to extending this security framework to all of our clients whether they be public or private sector,” said Alexandra MacMurchie, Vice President Enterprise Sales, Zovy LLC.  “Zovy has long recognized that it is not enough to keep our client’s data indexed and in compliance, but it is most important to keep it secure. The recent increase in global threats on our clients’ data reinforces the overwhelming steps we take to continue to safeguard these assets.”

“ByteGrid is dedicated to providing the most secure and compliant hosted solutions available and has been awarded FedRAMP Ready status by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program,” said Jason Silva, Chief Technology Officer, ByteGrid. “The FedRAMP ready designation shows that our proprietary quality management system is an appropriate foundation for secure, FedRAMP-compliant hosting and we are excited to partner with Zovy who has a similar focus on security for their clients.  We look forward to our ongoing participation in a commitment to the evolving security needs of Zovy Enterprise clients.”

“Our focus on FedRAMP status shows our ongoing duty to our clients to provide an active security framework which combines facilities, encryption, process controls and extensive background verification to give our clients the highest level of security available,” said Marco Pizzolo, Vice President of Technology, Zovy LLC.  “Coupled with the continuous monitoring of CISO Sentinel™, our management platform that centrally and efficiently manages ongoing regulatory compliance requirements, we are proven to be the premier FedRAMP ready data compliance solution. With Zovy Enterprise, the ongoing protection of our client’s data remains our number one priority.”

To learn more on how Zovy Enterprise raises the standard of security for compliance and archive tools, we welcome clients to visit our website at www.zovy.com.

To learn more about ByteGrid’s compliant hosting solutions and FedRAMP ready designation please visit https://www.bytegrid.com

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