Capax Sonic Extractor

Speech-to-Text Language Translation Appliance

Capax Sonic Extractor offers powerful audio and video transcription capabilities. Our software can generate multiple transcriptions and language translations from any A/V (Audio / Video) asset quickly and efficiently.

Easily listens, processes, reads, edits, and translates spoken language for all of the major languages. Sonic Extractor is highly configurable and includes an API and SDK for even greater flexibility.

The Capax Sonic Extractor is available as an appliance, virtual machine, or for installation on your own hardware or in the Cloud.

Core Capabilities

Broad Support for Audio and Video Formats

Quickly process major file types, such as MP3, AVI, FLV, WMA, WMV, WAV, MPEG, MPEG2, VOX, OGG, MP4 (H264), M4U, and many others.

Flexible Configuration and Deployment Scenarios

Monitor subdirectories or process live input feeds, such as news broadcast, depositions, or symposiums.

Best-in-Class Performance and Scalability

Transcribe up to 8 files simultaneously on an entry-level appliance.

Sophisticated, Accurate Technology

Quickly and accurately transcribes spoken audio leveraging the Markov Modeling technique.

Comprehensive Multi-Language Support

Transcribes and translates most European and Asian languages.

New! Connector to Capax Archive Solution (CAS)

Enhance your archiving and search capabilities in CAS with A/V translation and transcription capabilities.

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