Legal Discovery with CAS

Faster Searches, Superior Case Management

Control Your Discovery Costs and Risks

Capax Archive Solution (CAS) delivers industry-leading information governance with comprehensive and easy-to-use e-discovery features. With updated capabilities that meet today’s litigation and regulatory obligations, data from across your organization can be quickly searched, preserved, reviewed, and exported.

Core Capabilities

Collect and Export Data in Under 5 Minutes

Designed for performance, easy-to-use CAS enables legal professionals to search, identify, and export content in mere minutes. Search in real time without waiting or queueing for results. Respond to discovery requests confidently and efficiently with built-in early case assessment and enterprise-wide searches. CAS’ self-service design eliminates the need for the IT department to get involved.

Support For 2015 FRCP Amendments

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were amended in late 2015, modifying key “rules of the road” for conducting electronic discovery. CAS fully supports these new FRCP obligations, equipping legal teams with advanced tools to control discovery costs and risks.

Case Management and Legal Holds

CAS offers advanced case management that enables legal teams to easily track and associate their discovery activities to specific matters. CAS also allows you to apply and enforce legal holds to secure and preserve data efficiently. Suspend deletion of content for e-discovery via targeted keywords or metadata, or simply lock down the content for an entire custodian or department.

CAS Discovery Search

Powered by HP’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer™ (IDOL) search technology, the market-leading enterprise information processing platform, CAS uses meaning-based computing technology to form a conceptual and contextual understanding of over 400 file formats. CAS eliminates data silos with connectors to all of the systems common in today’s corporate environment, including traditional repositories and new cloud and social media technologies.

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