Data Lifecycle Management

CAS Policy Editor and CAS Storage Manager

Comprehensive Archiving and Information Governance

Capax Archive Solutions (CAS) provides end-to-end data lifecycle management, giving you granular control over the entire lifespan of data governed by CAS.

Product Highlights

  • Filter and retain compliant data
  • Reduce storage costs by limiting inbound data
  • Comply with geographical boundary requirements with the ability to control where data is stored
  • Reduce risk and cost by auto-deleting eligible data
  • Manage European Union (EU) privacy concerns

Core Capabilities

Formula-Based CAS Policy Editor

The formula-based CAS Policy Editor provides superior control over data’s lifecycle. Use a wizard-driven policy editor option for ease-of-use or create highly advanced policies using a scripting option built directly into the CAS Policy Editor. Policies can be as simple as “Archive all,” or as complex as needed—eg, “Archive only emails from US-based traders when they communicate outside the organization on Tuesdays, and store only on highly-available US-based storage.”

Automated Admin With CAS Storage Manager

CAS Storage Manager provides automated administration over all of your storage assets. Need to periodically add more storage? CAS Storage Manager simplifies the task. Set automated rules to move or maintain users on different storage assets based on geographic location or department. Tiered storage allows you to use secure, higher performance onsite storage for recent data or leverage the scalability, convenience, and economics of cloud storage for longer-term archiving. CAS Storage Manager provides unsurpassed flexibility, administration, and value.

Enforce Legal Holds

Apply and enforce legal holds to secure and preserve data. Suspend deletion of content for e-discovery via targeted keywords/metadata or simply lock down the content for an entire custodian or department.

Defensible Disposition

Enable defensible disposition of large quantities of data using automated, rule-based categorization and tagging. Evaluate the effectiveness and precision of advanced search strategies, providing additional defensibility and confidence in your deletion and purging activities.

Manage EU Privacy Concerns

Fulfill challenging EU privacy regulations and other record management needs with the enhanced capabilities and flexibility found only with CAS. Eliminate your risks associated with this new information governance challenge.

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