CAS Data Light – Dark Data Cleanup

Machine Learning Engine for At-Scale Decision Making

Information Governance: Clean up Your ROT

CAS Data Light illuminates your Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data (ROT), providing a consistent, defensible manner in which to apply purge or retain decisions, move data to more secure locations, and apply policies to manage your structured and unstructured data through to its end of life. CAS Data Light provides trainable clustering technology to speed the identification of similar documents for applying policy en masse for dark data cleanup.

Core Capabilities

Machine Learning for Bulk Policy Application

Data Light’s machine-learning engine shows your data in a visual and intuitive manner, with similar documents clustered together for bulk decision-making. Have model documents or content summaries for which you’d like to train a policy? Data Light will find similar documents. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Data Light doesn’t require training documents in order to group your information. Lots of duplicates scattered across multiple silos? Data Light groups duplicates. Using a number of configurable parameters, users can quickly identify master copies and whether to remove or replace extra copies with a link.

Defensible Disposition

Enable defensible disposition of large quantities of data using automated, rule-based categorization and tagging. Consistent policy application with detailed reporting provides additional defensibility and confidence in your deletion and purging activities.

Manage Your Data in the Wild

Data Light uncovers your data at either the metadata, content level, or both, across hundreds of file types, quickly and with minimal system impact. User information is incorporated from Active Directory, when available, giving context as to the original owner of the content. Once a policy is applied, data can be purged or held in place, or be moved/copied to a more secure location with proper retention controls, such as our CAS archive, or to any location of your choosing, such as cheaper cloud-based storage. It’s up to you where your data goes, and how long it’s retained.

Reduce Redundant Obsolete Trivial (ROT) Data

CAS Data Light is the tool you’ve needed in order to uncover and reduce unnecessary data in your organization. The advanced business-rule-driven interface allows for automatic classification of data in real time. Apply and enforce policies to secure and preserve data. Delete or hold data in place. Move or copy your data to locations with greater security, management capabilities, or lower costs.

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