Capax Archive Solutions

Expanded Archival, Lifecycle Governance and Compliance

Complete Control of Your Office 365 Data

Organizations leverage the convenience afforded by Office 365 to offload email, document management, and VOIP to the cloud. However, this convenience leaves critical gaps in their information governance workflow.

Capax Archive Solutions technology offers unique point-to-point integration with your Office 365 cloud infrastructure and provides an evolved management workflow that facilitates enhanced compliance, intelligent data lifecycle governance, advanced policy driven archival and data sovereignty.

Key Benefits 

  • Archive Office 365 email on granular basis using intelligent policies
  • Apply retention periods for lifecycle management within Office 365
  • Reduce risk by compliantly disposing of expired or obsolete data from Office 365
  • Respond quickly through export of large email volumes quickly and accurately

Core Capabilities

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Our CAS for Office 365 technology provides a unique open-ended integration with Office 365 which removes the limitations associated with journal based archival and allows Office 365 cloud-based content to be managed, archived, governed and defensibly disposed of easily and compliantly. Content can be analyzed in place, archived to CAS, replicated on-demand, taken offline or compliantly purged using a powerful policy-based engine which can evaluate email attributes such as subject content, age, size, recipient information, read status and much more. CAS for Office 365 allows you to fully integrate Office 365 data into your information governance workflow.

Reduce Risk with Machine Learning, Data Extraction and Search Architecture

Leveraging the very latest in machine learning, advanced data extraction and an unrivaled search architecture, CAS allows you to consolidate your entire data landscape, including Office 365, into a centralized data management fabric. Powerful diagonal applications for storage management, eDiscovery, supervision, analytics, classification and production, CAS provides you with the single most powerful consolidated platform on the market for improved information control, lifecycle governance and advanced intelligence. Enterprise-grade, hyper-scalable and openly extensible, CAS helps organizations bring order to information chaos.

Get complete control of your Office 365 data, quickly, compliantly and intelligently.

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