‘Migrationless’ Migrations

CAS Archive Bridge for Veritas (Symantec) Enterprise Vault

Why Migrate If You Don’t Have To?

CAS Archive Bridge provides a simpler way to manage your legacy data, providing direct access for your end users as well as ediscovery, right where that data lives today. No migration effort, delays, or costs.

Product Highlights

  • Leave your legacy data right where it is
  • Access all data from a single unified interface
  • Eliminate the time, effort, and cost of migrating data
  • Minimize risk of data loss, data leakage, chain of custody issues
  • Minimize the impact on your end-users

Core Capabilities

Directly Access Your Legacy Data

The Archive Bridge connectly directly into your legacy EV stores, providing simultaneous access to new and legacy data.

A Single Unified Interface

View CAS and Enterprise Vault query results side by side as a consolidated set of search results.

Powerful Search

Advanced machine learning, mated with full metadata access, offers the most powerful and complete ability to search and cull your information for ediscovery and end-user search.

Legal Hold Management

Data can be placed on and removed from Legal Hold via CAS regardless of where the data originally was stored.

End User Support

End users also can simultaneously search across all of their own historical messages, with permissions respected, from our Outlook Add-in or Web portal.

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