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Do you know what your online customers are doing? What about your mobile customers? How do you handle the challenges of international localization? How do you handle current and emerging content types, and those not yet on the radar? How do you know what your customers are viewing? Can you provide real-time analytics? How can you seamlessly provide these capabilities with a strong return on investment (ROI) and get these quickly to market?

What is your Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy?

Every time one of your customers visits you, your company’s presence leaves an impression. But do you really know what your customers are doing? If your company is unable to engage, then that customer will quickly move to a competitor.

A few years ago, your online website could be mostly distinct from your mobile strategy. Now these disparate channels need to be tightly integrated and aligned, along with your social media presence, search engine optimization (SEO), and brand messaging. And how do you turn clicks into revenue?

If you have customers around the globe, more content needs to be translated more accurately and efficiently. Most CXM technologies fall short for end-to-end strategies, especially in scaling localization. Global companies need to translate more, quicker and for less cost. And brand messaging needs consistency across all languages and countries.

With all of these CXM requirements, your company needs to be a good financial steward. How do you attract and retain more customers without spending more?

Alterian ACM Upgrades To TO SDL Web

SDL chose Capax Discovery to be the lead partner for upgrading Alterian ACM customers to SDL Web. Capax has heavily invested in R&D which has created our proven ACM to Tridion upgrade technology.

CXM Professional Services

Design and build large-scale, globalized, integrated CXM solutions Integrate CXM technologies with existing infrastructures.

SDL Tridion Cube Appliance

The Capax SDL Tridion Cube is an all-in-one solution purpose-built for hosting SDL Tridion. The Capax SDL Tridion Cube platform features multiple integrated high performance servers, up to 20TB of storage, built-in networking, and systems management all combined in a single “cube” hardware appliance with Tridion pre-installed. Plug in as few as three cables – two power cables (for redundancy and high availability) and a network cable – and the SDL Tridion Cube is ready for immediate use.

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