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Capax Discovery announces the release of CAS O-Bridge, their new Microsoft Office 365 bridge application.

Williamsville, New York – Capax Discovery’s premier Capax Archive Solutions [CAS] is recognized throughout the world as the most advanced archiving and information governance platform on the market today. Building on this legacy of excellence and industry leadership, Capax Discovery has announced the release of CAS O-Bridge, their new Capax Archive Solutions Microsoft Office 365 bridge application.

Capax Discovery’s new Microsoft Office 365 bridge application is a transformative technology with a bi-directional integration between the CAS archive and Microsoft Office 365. This bilateral integration now provides CAS customers with an unprecedented layer of security and corporate communication oversight. CAS O-Bridge also extends the powerful CAS policy engine to Microsoft Office 365, enabling CAS customers to comply with data governance regulatory requirements.

With CAS O-Bridge, there is no longer the need to migrate your legacy Microsoft Exchange data. One of the most common roadblocks to Microsoft Office 365 adoption has been the migration of legacy on-premise Exchange data; now, with CAS O-Bridge, preserved information will reside [and be fully accessible] in the CAS archive, providing tremendous cost savings, risk reduction, and accelerated adoption of Microsoft Office 365.

By adding CAS O-Bridge, Capax Discovery has extended the power and accuracy historically applied to on-premise Exchange management to Microsoft Office 365, thereby providing end-to-end control over all data in Microsoft Office 365. CAS also supports hybrid Exchange environments, enabling enterprises to execute a seamless Microsoft Office 365 adoption. By providing a single source of access for all archived data, CAS O-Bridge

customers can now efficiently maintain data integrity and regulatory compliance throughout the duration of the Microsoft Office 365 adoption phase.

“No other product on the market addresses data migration, ongoing license administration, and security challenges associated with Microsoft Office 365 adoption like CAS O-Bridge. Our CAS customers can now confidently address their current and future information governance, compliance, and security needs in Microsoft Office 365 with a full implementation of CAS O- Bridge.” – Bill Cox, Director, Channel Management, Capax Archive Solutions

“Our Microsoft Office 365 solution needed CAS O-Bridge, and now we have it. No other product accelerates and enhances Microsoft Office 365 adoption better than CAS O-Bridge.” – Jeff Wynn, Sceven CTO

For more information, please contact:

JJ Contessa

Director of Capax International Marketing & Sales 973.288.9589

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