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Our technical support approach is straightforward: our team is committed to the success of our customers and partners by providing world-class support when things just don’t go as planned.

We have provided technical support for many years for CAS, longer and with more customers than anyone else. Our technical support is the best in the industry and our customers agree, honoring us year after year with better than a 95% satisfaction evaluation.

Customer Satisfaction
Years Supporting EAS
Combined Years of EAS Technical Expertise

The real difference between us and nearly every other archive solution provider on the market is that unlike most companies, we staff our technical support team with seasoned engineers with years of experience. Often tech support is where the “new guy” is staffed until he knows the product or the first tier of support is staffing by unknowledgeable phone operators. For us, our team is staffed with true archive veterans, with cumulatively over 100 years of experience manning our phones and answering your emails. Simply put, “Archiving is what they do”.

Technical Support Highlights

  • Multiple support levels including premium 24/7 support
  • Supported products include CAS (formerly EAS and Zantaz), ZAS (formerly HPCA and HPCA Supervisor), NearPoint (formerly Mimosa), and CA Message Manager (CAMM)
  • Experienced support representatives, averaging 10 years’ knowledge, to resolve issues quickly and professionally
  • Support engineers certified in related technologies including Microsoft Exchange, IDOL, SQL server, and Windows


Call us today to learn how our technical support provides the best service in the business.

24/7 Emergency Support Hotline

Phone Toll-Free: +1 855-223-5226

+1 973-630-6680

+81 3 45779947

+86 10 58224480

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