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  • John Baiocco
    John Baiocco CEO and Managing Partner

    As the founding partner, John Baiocco has been the CEO of Capax Discovery professional services since its inception in 1998. For the past 18 years, Capax has delivered world-class IT solutions and services. In 2007, John began transforming Capax into a leading software company. Today, Capax Discovery is the international leader in Archiving and Information Governance Solutions with offices in New York, London, San Jose, and India.

  • Jeff Wynn
    Jeff Wynn Chief Technology Officer

    Jeff Wynn is Partner and CTO at Capax Discovery. Jeff received his BS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and an MS in Computer Science from Monmouth University. Prior to joining Capax Discovery, he was a Deputy Director of Research and Development at Associated Press. He brings 20 years of experience in enterprise software architecture, design, and development, specializing in enterprise application integration, databases, and various middle-tier and back-end technologies.

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