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Our commitment to providing reliable enterprise archive solutions began years ago, but the past two years have proved to be the most remarkable time in the development of our company into the acknowledged world leader for comprehensive and secure information insight platforms. While our two premier products, Capax Archive Solutions and Zovy Archive Solutions, have recently been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, they have, more importantly, earned their stature in the marketplace as the most advanced on-premise and hosted enterprise archiving solutions respectively … and this is just the beginning of the new Capax Discovery story.

We have now successfully partnered with HPE, Microsoft, ownCloud, CISO Sentinel, and other best of class resources to create the most technologically advanced and secure archiving solutions that offer seamless compatibility with the most widely used platforms. And, as always, we continue to provide custom software development, systems integration, adaptive machine learning for advanced eDiscovery, and much more. We are now, more than ever, the most comprehensive information insight, governance, and security solution.

Starting with the development of our new Capax Archive Solutions in October of 2014, Capax Discovery now features three strategic divisions dedicated to providing industry leading software solutions bundled with the best technical support, consulting, and training for information governance, security, and compliance. The three new divisions of Capax Discovery are:

  1. Capax Archive Solutions [CAS], Built on the EAS platform by our software development experts, our new enhanced archiving solution is now recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Capax Archive Solutions is the acknowledged leader in on-premise and hybrid archiving solutions for enterprise customers who demand the most secure and flexible archiving and eDiscovery resource.And when it comes to providing our world class solutions, the deciding factor in their efficacy relies on the contribution of the engineering, professional services, maintenance, and support teams that assure secure and reliable performance. Capax Maintenance & Support answers the call for all of our customers’ needs with a speed to performance that exceeds all industry standards.
  2. Zovy Archive Solutions [ZAS], Built on the HPCA platform by our Zovy development team, our new cloud archiving solution is the leader in managed, hosted, and cloud archiving solutions for enterprise customers who demand the most secure and flexible archiving and eDiscovery resource without the demands of expensive infrastructure capitalization.
  3. Sceven, Our guarantee that Capax Archive Solutions and Zovy Archive Solutions will remain the industry leaders in information insight and governance is being fulfilled by a worldwide team of software development experts that have demonstrated their ability to engineer state of the art product performance ahead of schedule and in sync with our commitment to our customers.

HP and Capax Discovery Announce License Agreement

Capax Discovery to provide continued product development and support for EAS, NearPoint, and CAMM archiving software.

PALO ALTO, CALIF., July 29, 2014 – HP announced an agreement today for Capax Discovery to exclusively provide continued product development and support for EAS, NearPoint, and CAMM archiving solutions.

The Capax Discovery-HP agreement addresses the on-going demand for comprehensive, secure, and reliable archiving solutions. Capax Global will leverage its deep support and development expertise to improve the capabilities and performance of these archiving products.

In addition to the development of our 3 new divisions, we have also partnered with CISO Sentinel to ensure that we provide the most secure solutions available today. CISO Sentinel was the first solution to be awarded the FedRAMP ATO for secure continuous monitoring. They are the foremost experts in the world when it comes to meeting the exacting NIST and DISA regulatory standards for information governance and cybersecurity. We are privileged to be the exclusive provider of this most sought after security component, as well as proud to have CISO Sentinel available for all of our products.

We welcome all of our current and future customers to the new Capax Discovery. For more information on how we can help you to more effectively and securely utilize all of our solutions, services, and products – please contact our Director of International Sales, JJ Contessa, at jcontessa@capaxdiscovery.com. Thank you.


Capax Archive Solutions

Capax Archive Solutions enables our clients to archive, retrieve, manage, and retain important email messages, files, and dark data. It also ensures that our clients are prepared to efficiently, cost-effectively, and accurately respond to discovery requests for archived data, whether for regulatory or litigation purposes.

Capax Archive Solutions automatically captures, indexes, and archives messages and information based on corporate policy.

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Data governance regulations change so rapidly that it’s hard for organizations to keep up. Meanwhile, the data generated by employees and business processes is growing at an incredible rate. The ability to archive and backup data and then retrieve it later to support business initiatives or for purposes of litigation is essential.

Whether you are just getting started with data governance, or are ready to make a technology purchase – Zovy is here to help.


CISO Sentinel

CISO Sentinel’s Continuous Monitoring Platform provides holistic oversight, management, and visibility into the ongoing security and compliance efforts of the enterprise. By providing a single source of truth, information security/compliance professionals can review their organizations risk posture, take proactive corrective action to remediate identified risk, and significantly reduce administrative efforts to aggregate inputs for compliance and management reporting

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